Public Relations Department

 Mutare Polytechnic receives considerable media coverage. As part of its mandate, the public relations office handle the interactions with media and general public on behalf of the institution .This department also ensures that there is smooth flow of information among its internal  and external publics. This office is divided into three sections which are: Public Relations, Information, Research and Publicity and Clients Relationship Management. These sections work hand in hand in maintaining a positive image of the institution. We value your opinions and feedback to promote client satisfaction in all services offered by the Institution. Contact us on or Tel =+263 20 63141. 

Main Duties
  • Handle liaisons with the media 
  • Inform the media about the institution’s achievements, developments and other areas of interest
  • Manage press crises
  • Place advertisements in newspapers
  • Update and write online content directed at the public
  • Arrange press conferences
  • Ensure all information about the institution provided by other organisations and publications is correct.
  • Arrange and participate in exhibitions.
  • Produce brochures, fliers, videos, documentaries and publicity items on the progress  and achievements   of the institution.
  • Liaise with the media for coverage of major functions.
  • Managing relations with advertising agencies.