IT Unit

 The Department is responsible for management and maintenance of all ICT equipment for the institution. IT services include: 
  • Establishing and administering the organisation’s network (internet, intranet)
  • The purchase, installation, maintenance, and upgrading of hardware and software 
  • Provision of technical support, usually via a help desk
  • Provision of training in the use of equipment and software 
  • Developing, administering and maintaining the organisation’s website.

Service categories

Services can be categorized into a few broad areas of:
  • Development: As new technology arrives and as organisations change, systems to support these changes must be modified or developed. 
  • Administration: Involves making sure that the existing systems run smoothly.
  • Support: Involves calling on IT expertise to fix problems as they arrive and to make necessary changes.
 The key IT support roles are:
    • Help desk support
    • Network support
    • Web/software/hardware support

Help desk support

Every day, a typical Help desk:
  • Accepts problem calls from users 
  • Solves the problem for the user over the phone if possible. The assistance is usually limited to simple problem solving related to the operating system, software and basic peripheral devices
  • If the problem cannot be solved over the phone,  the relevant IT  unit staff member,  will go physically to assist the user.

Network support

Every day, network support staff:
  • Managing the Wi-Fi
  • Assist users in rectifying network-related problems such as security access, Internet access, network failure, printer failure
  • Assist the network administrator in managing user accounts, installing software on the network, backing up and retrieving files and maintaining network security

Hardware / Software support

Every day, software support staff:
  • Monitor the state of custom software systems
  • Troubleshoot when the software fails to work properly
Apart from the above routine tasks there are tasks such as:
  • Keeping records of hardware and software purchased, including the purchase of consumable items
  • Ensuring equipment is well maintained and serviced where required